Maximum PC Reviews the Xdesk Air

November 17, 2015

95 is a pretty high number. Out of a 100, a 95 is an “A”: a top grade, post-on-the-fridge kind of paper. And when you get a 95 from Maximum PC, that puts you in the elite, “Kick Ass!” category only reserved for the highest-rated reviews. Literally.

“Maximum PC is your source for exclusive reviews, demos, updates and news on all your favorite PC gaming franchises,” and when the Editor-in-Chief Tuan Nguyen reviewed the Xdesk Air, he had plenty to say. Honestly, the entire article “The Ultimate Desk” was filled with moments that made us proud, so please read it in it’s entirety. But for the praise cliff notes, check out our favorite quotes:

“Functional and luxurious at the same time, Xdesk’s Air is the best sit/stand desk you can get on two legs.”

“…there’s no other sit/stand desk we’ve ever used that was this well made. You can have a great standing desk, or a great sitting desk, or a beautiful desk, but if you want all of those in one desk, the Air from Xdesk would be our pick.”

“If you seriously care about your work surface, and feel like your ultimate rig deserves the ultimate platform, we think we’ve found the desk for you.”

“The Air isn’t the desk for most people; it’s for those that are looking for the best electronically height-adjustable desk that also looks like it belongs in an art gallery.”

“…every part exudes quality.”

“If you’re going to sit/stand and want to do it with style, the Air from Xdesk is unmatched in terms of build quality and looks.”

“The Air (as well as the Terra) are quite a few steps ahead in terms of quality over the competition.”

Truly, this review meant so much to us and if I was being honesty, to cover all of my favorite parts, I would have just copied the entire article. There is even a section where the author describes putting the standing desk together and just marveling at the craftsmanship: appreciating the time and skill that was devoted to making every screw and every piece fit together perfectly. If you are interested in a standing desk that received this much praise, check out the Xdesk Air with an artisan bar. It may still be blushing.

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