New Standing Desk Resolution.

December 31, 2015

This year, with all of the new resolutions, why not make one that is easy to keep? Switching to a standing desk is one way to get healthier with minimal effort.

You see it every year. People are making promises to eat healthier, go to the gym, and stick to their fitness goals. Usually by March most people peter out. Sometimes the promises are too hard to keep when life throws a curve ball. However, the beauty of a standing desk is that you don’t have to change your schedule or “make time.” All you have to do is stand up. No need to change into workout clothes, drive to the gym, or any other hassle that may deter you. All you have to do is exactly what you would normally be doing, press a button, stand up, and proceed as usual.

You would normally be sitting working at your desk anyway, so why not stand and get something out of it?

A study showed that by standing up for at least three hours a day at work, participants burned almost 50 more calories an hour than if they were sitting. This stat is pretty incredible because if you do the math and you use your standing desk like this every workday, you may be very happy with yourself in a year (and eight pounds lighter). At 50 calories an hour, that can turn into about 30,000 a year, which equals about 10 marathons. You read right.

This small lifestyle change of getting on your feet for at least 3 hours at work, could help you burn nearly 30,000 calories. Not bad for a standing desk.

Plus the Pulse Xdesk software keeps track of your fitness goals and how long you spend sitting or standing. After you put in your personal stats and goals, a message will pop up reminding you when to stand and when to sit. It even tells you how many calories you are burning (which is very encouraging).

Also, if you want to up your game, you can check out the Xdesk standing desk treadmill option, to burn even more calories. Instead of grumbling about how you couldn’t wake up early enough to head to the gym this morning, why not go to work as usual and just use your time better? A standing desk takes time that you would normally waste sitting, and makes it beneficial to your health. So no excuses this year! Stand up for yourself and keep your healthier New Year’s resolution.



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