Gifts That Go With A Standing Desk

December 24, 2015

Just because it’s a last-minute gift, doesn’t mean it won’t leave a lasting impression. If the entrepreneur in your life is looking for awesome accessories to go with their Xdesk standing desk, look no further.

Gifts to go with your standing desk

1. A family picture: Even if they are working, who wouldn’t want to see your sweet smiling face?It may even help inspire them to work harder to get home to that awesome family. If they have a Xdesk standing desk, they can either place the picture on the desk or hang it where it won’t interfere with the desk raising or lowering.

2. A sound like no other: The Harman Kardon sound system is so beautiful, it’s a permanent staple of the MoMA, and wouldn’t it look beautiful on their Xdesk standing desk? Designed for sleek looks and an even better sound, speakers like these are born to stand out (whether you are sitting or standing).

3. The right track: Is your entrepreneur looking to make a fresh start this year? Well the Xdesk Pulse is ready to help. This state-of-the-art software is built to keep you informed for your fitness goals. Punch in your personal information, and Pulse will keep track of how long you stand and sit. Based on your specific stats, it’ll remind you when to stand to reach your calorie goals.

4. Stay uplifted: A PC mount doesn’t just make life easier for your entrepreneur, it also can extend the life of their PC. By keeping their PC off of the ground, where it can suck in dust, it is better protected. Plus as they raise or lower their Xdesk standing desk, they don’t have to worry about pulled wires.

5. Comfort is king: For when they are standing ask yourself, do they have comfortable supportive shoes or a comfortable mat? How about when they are sitting? Is their chair cushioned and ergonomically beneficial? Do some reconnaissance to see if and where they may need extra padding. Or maybe when they are sitting, add a little extra feet pampering with a foot massager.

Even with all of these helpful standing desk accessories, remember the real present is the Xdesk standing desk. Designed to boost their mood, creativity, productivity, and health, the Xdesk standing desk says, “Cheers to a Ā happier, healthier New Year!”

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