How to Decorate Your Standing Desk

January 4, 2016

A standing desk can be an impressive piece of home office furniture, but if it’s covered with paperwork, disorganized, and messy, it can fall victim to the clutter. A Xdesk standing desk is designed with premium materials, warm bamboo, crisp glass, solid rubberwood, and refreshing aluminum to bring beauty and sophistication to your office. The best way to bring out that beauty is to follow these standing desk style tips.

Top Tips On How To Decorate Your Standing Desk

1. Clear off your standing desk and start with a blank canvas. You wouldn’t start painting on top of a messy picture. Start with a clear desktop and office area so you can create just what you want without just regurgitating the same old same old that you were trying to replace in the first place. Your Xdesk standing desk makes it easy to clean the clutter. Each Xdesk standing desk comes with NextFlex™ and a easy-to-reach cable pass way to run all of your cords through.

As if that wasn’t enough, Xdesk offers even more clutter-combating accessories. Some of the best accessories to keep the clutter and wires at bay are the cable vanity tray,  the power management system, and the Connect CPU™ mount.

2. Start from a single object and then run with that theme. Is it a painting? Is it a knickknack? A ticket stub from your first Red Sox game? Whatever your main piece is, make sure that is your source for a color pallet and a style. Your main piece should be something that you don’t get tired of looking at or holds a significant meaning to you. Think of it like that focal point is your anchor, so while you can swap out other decorations, that one piece of art is going to keep your office grounded. It is a tether to your creative, encouraging, motivational or happy place and once you have that picture, framed quote or family heirloom you are good to go.

3. Now that you have your muse, look for things that are the same theme or color scheme. For example, if you are using that Red Sox ticket stub, don’t run out and buy everything that is a matching red. Bring it with you and take a picture of your Xdesk desktop surface on your phone. These two things are your foundation. Anything you pick out, you need to envision it with the Xdesk surface and your ticket stub. Does it look like it would fit? Be careful here to not go overboard. It’s safest to start small and build or standing desk design over time instead of being smothered by Red Sox memorabilia to the point that it looks tacky.

4. Remember that the Xdesk goes up and down, so whatever you put up on the wall, make sure it is at the right height to be enjoyed when you are sitting and standing. Make sure that you account for your monitor as well before you hammer the nail for the picture frame. Raise the desk to the proper standing height, with the monitor attached and then see where you would like to put up  any artwork.

5. One plant is a must. Getting some fresh oxygen is important for fresh ideas and energy. Plus having something vibrant and colorful on your desktop will help keep your spirits up. In my case, a nice “green monstah” plant would be the cherry on top.

Thank you ThinkingCloset and Refinery29 for the home office fashion advice. It was easy to take your great desk styling tips and translate them for the Xdesk standing desk. With all of the different desktops designs and surfaces to choose from including bamboo, rubberwood, and Renew, you are sure to find just the standing desk style.

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