Maximum PC Upgrades Xdesk Review

December 10, 2015

We were already honored last month when Maximum PC Editor-in-Chief Tuan Nguyen gave the Xdesk Air a 95 kick ass rating. And now we are floored. What’s better than 95? What’s a prefect rating? What’s the highest possible grade from Maximum PC? 100. And whose got it? Xdesk.

In our previous article featuring the 95 rating, there was room for improvement, so we got to work. Now in the updated article, after we sent the new columns that will be shipping soon on all Air standing desks and updated the Pulse software, Nguyen states:

“We’ve updated the score to indicate that the Air is the absolute best-in-class adjustable desk you can buy.”

The new columns have eliminated the sound he heard before. Gliding up and down smoothly without an “initializing” sound, and with noticeably quieter movement throughout, the Xdesk Air standing desk continued to impress and improve. Also, the Pulse software issues have been resolved leaving what Maximum PC believes deserves a perfect rating. A perfect 100% rating for the “best sit/stand desk you can get on two legs.”

We would like to thank Maximum PC for pointing out areas we could improve because that is how a 95 becomes 100. We could have been satisfied with a 95, but Xdesk is always about bringing you what you deserve: “The best.” See what makes our Xdesk Air standing desk┬áthe best.

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