TreeHugger Loves the Xdesk Encore

December 15, 2015

Lots of people love Xdesk: Entrepreneurs, students, work from home employees, health nuts, people who value quality, people, and now tree huggers.  At TreeHugger, they pride themselves on being “the leading media outlet dedicated to driving sustainability mainstream.” And they had quiet the review for the Xdesk Encore standing desk.

When Katherine Martinko reviewed the Xdesk Encore standing desk for her segment on design and eco-friendly furniture, she didn’t know what to expect. What she found was a large package with a “gorgeous product” inside. What she didn’t find was formaldehyde, solvents, or harmful VOCs. Xdesk standing desks are crafted with the environment in mind, which was just another reason TreeHugger was impressed.

She received the bamboo standing desk with the recycled aluminum frame. Both materials are planet friendly. Not only does bamboo grow faster than a tree, but when you thin it, you are actually helping the plant to thrive. And by using recycled aluminum there is no need to extract virgin materials. So not only in the planet happy, so was Martinko.

After she assembled the standing desk herself, she was amazed at how little she sat. Stating that she only sat at the power height adjustable desk once over the course of a month, she noticed she was “more alert,” she moved more, she had better posture, and she “never noticed any pain or fatigue” in her legs or feet.

But beside the environmental and physical benefits, let’s get to the looks.

“The Encore is beautiful.Everyone who has come into my house over the past month has stopped to comment on the desk.”

She goes on to say that not only can the guests not help touching the beautiful bamboo top, but that neither can she. And we can’t blame her.

The Encore standing desk comes in a number of options. Whether you choose a bamboo or rubberwood desktop, there are three different shades of color each, to perfectly match whichever room you choose to grace with it’s presence. On top of the different sustainable and eco-friendly material choices, there are thousands of different combinations with the accessories to make the exact standing desk you were looking for. As she points out:

“The sky’s the limit when it comes to creating your dream desk with Xdesk.”

Read her full article here, and see other sustainable options the “sustainability with sass” website.

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