Sing Your Way to Happy

December 8, 2015

This holiday season, it can be easy to get a little blue. But it can be just as easy to elevate your endorphins. Time magazine went in depth to explain how “Singing Changes Your Brain,” so get ready to join the chorus and “fa, la, la, la, la” your way to a happier state.

In addition to a number of things you can do to get happy, Time magazine details how singing can help you spread some holiday cheer (inside and out). When you sing, you release endorphins and oxytocin which increase pleasure and decrease anxiety and stress. Citing a number of different studies, singing has been connected to decreasing depression and it has even been equated to a “therapeutic” sensation. One study in particular, states that people singing in a group (like a chorus) may have their heart rates beat in time producing a meditative group feeling.

When people are standing and singing, it’s a double whammy because standing helps promote circulation and adds endorphins all on its own. That why people who use a standing desk report feeling happier and more energetic. Using a standing desk can even help you get more singing practice in. The proper standing posture can make it easier for you to take deeper breaths, practice pushing more air out, and singing with your diaphragm. So if you are a singer, or just looking for an outlet to add more endorphins into your life, joining a chorus or having a concert for one at your Xdesk standing desk may be just what the body ordered.

Plus the beautifully designed Xdesk standing desk has many people singing its praises. We know, we are preaching to the choir, but these Xdesk standing desk reviews may convert you if you are on the fence. One more singing pun? You got it, but I really do want to leave on a high note. (Mic drop.)

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