Sitting and Standing to Enlightenment

December 4, 2015

The New Yorker gets it. With a number of studies to back it up, it seems like the idea of alternating between sitting and standing is becoming more mainstream.

In a cartoon published on October 2, Kaamran Hafeez depicts a monk trying to reach enlightenment. He is sitting and possibly meditating. As another monks stands next to the sitting monk he states, “I hear you reach Nirvana faster if you alternate sitting and standing.” You can see the cartoon here.

The cleverly depicted idea here is that it is healthier in mind and body to take standing breaks. Sitting alone isn’t the best way to the best kind of health, so here is a little more enlightenment for you.

With a Xdesk standing desk. you can easily alternate between sitting and standing. One push of a button and you can be out of your seat without interrupting your train of thought or your workstation setup. With a standing desk that isn’t powered, you would need to readjust and possibly rewire your computer setup to go from sitting to standing. Some standing desk setups require hand cranks to go from sitting to standing, or with some standing desks, you would need to go to a completely different desk to sit.

That is one of the reasons Xdesk standing desks are so popular. They are simple. If you want to sit, press the button. If you want to stand, press the button. You don’t have to worry about wires or readjustments. All you need to worry about is if your chair rolled away when you decide to sit. And if you are interested in reaching Nirvana, our bamboo styled standing desks (in numerous models including the Xdesk Terra) have a serene look which I use myself. Or the Encore standing desk has the option of a rubberwood surface using reclaimed wood that otherwise would have been wasted. Checkout all of our stylish standing desks and if someone were to ask me if I wanted a different standing desk I would say , “Namaste at this standing desk.”

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