What to keep by your desk

Increase Productivity With Desk Essentials

February 24, 2016

Your desk is your creative space. This is where you work, where you make an impact on your ides, where you get things done. So make sure you have these desk must-haves to keep your creativity and productivity at an all time high.

Things To Keep At Your Desk To Increase Productivity

  1. Notepad/Whiteboard: This is a must for me and why it is number one on the list. I write down my to do list on a whiteboard with different colored markers for an organized list that I can rework. Everyone knows that hot-priority items can fall into your lap so the freedom to erase and reorganize is essential to staying organized and on task.
  2. Color-Coded Writing Tools: If you are all about highlighters, markers or pens, or colored sticky tabs, have a color-coded writing system to help keep you organized. I keep the colors grouped by project and timelines. For example, if your to-do list of the day has three reds, that could mean those are due today. I learned this trick from Maura Nevel Thomas in a workshop. She explained the importance for breaking projects up into small, bite-sized pieces and organizing them as efficiently as possible. I highly recommend her book Personal Productivity Secrets and to go to her workshop if you can. It taught me how to make each free moment as productive as possible.
  3. Standing Desk: Studies have shown that a standing desk can help increase your creativity, productivity, and mood. And who doesn’t need all of that on a Monday? Get all of the advantages that you can, including healthy boosts with a Xdesk standing desk. Plus the ability to alternate between sitting and standing can help fight off boredom that comes from sitting for hours.
  4. Snacks: When you feel like you have no energy, a snack can get you back on track. Having a granola bar, apple or yogurt ready to go can put that slump out of commission. Pair it with standing up at your standing desk or taking a walk to add that blood-pumping energy.
  5. Cup/Water Bottle: Keep your brain and body hydrated with a reusable water bottle at the ready. Water is a huge help to make sure that everything is operating at the highest capacity. Paired with tip number four, your body will have the fuel it needs to keep those good ideas coming.
  6. Tissues: No one likes wiping their nose with a rough paper towel or having to run to the bathroom with each sniffle. And we won’t even talk about those “sleeve wipers” or snifflers who have the potential to infect the entire office. Having a  box of tissues at your desk is a must year round to help you stay healthy and for much more. If you spill something, no problem. If you need to “move” a bug, it’s right there. A box of tissues is in demand at any office.
  7. Disinfecting Wipes: Staying on that “healthy” track that can keep you working and out of bed, having disinfecting wipes to clean off your desktop surface is great to do every now and then. Think about how many times you touch your standing desk surface, your keyboard, and your mouse. And when was the last time you cleaned those surfaces? Now think of how many times you touch your face. Keeping your equipment and standing desk surface clean is a sure way to keep working instead of cashing in sick days.
  8. Office Plant: I love bringing a little life into the office. Unless you are perched by a window, it can be hard to see some green throughout the day. So bring yourself the outdoors. I have a gorgeous orchid on my Xdesk standing desk . Every time I look at it,  placed perfectly on my bamboo desktop surface, I get a sense of calm and serenity. It also helps me get in the right mindset for some creative work. A study backs up my feelings because once they added plants to the office, it increased employee productivity as well as happiness.

To make the most of your office, increase productivity, and decrease sick days, check out these tips including getting a standing desk. The Xdesk standing desk is engineered to be beautiful and functional, by promoting health and productivity all in a stunning package. See how much more productive your workday could be with a Xdesk standing desk.

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