Is Water Your Missing Ingredient?

September 14, 2015

Having a standing desk is a step in the healthier direction, a weapon in the war against “sitting disease,” but are you neglecting another healthful and helpful tool? Water is an essential ingredient in a healthy lifestyle and a surprising number of people aren’t drinking as much as they should. Adding enough water to your daily routine can have a big impact.


Cosmopolitan’s article “9 Reasons to Drink More Water” lists several health benefits from improving your digestion to boosting the youthfulness of your skin. From the fitness spectrum, drinking more water actually helps you do a better job during your workout.

Water helps fuel your muscles, so drinking before or during exercise will boost energy, as well as reduce the likelihood of cramps and sprains.

Also your metabolism will enjoy the benefits of drinking half a liter of water within 30-40 minutes (as much as a 30% increase in how fast you burn calories).

How much?

The government recommended amount is about eight glasses of water each day. Or if you want a more specified recommendation you can do the math from this

Thanks to for the water wisdom. If you are reading this while up at your standing desk, you are doing great. Just put a water bottle in your hand and that “great” just got upgraded to “stellar.”


Sometimes with a hectic day, crazy deadlines and schedule juggling it can be hard to remember this essential ingredient in your day. To help keep yourself accountable and reminded, put one of these on your standing desk.

Visit JewelPie for step-by-step instructions on how to make your own water bottle timer.

Remember, your health is something you have to watch out for every day. If you are keeping hydrated at your standing desk, that’s two birds with one stone. Interested in a healthier lifestyle? See what your dream standing desk will look like here.

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