Why Reviewers Buy a Xdesk Terra

September 8, 2015

People know Forbes. It’s an international flagship for the latest in technology and business. And when Forbes says that Xdesk is the “upgrade pick” in their article “These Are The Best Standing Desks You Can Buy” we get a sense of validity that only a technological influencer like Forbes could give. As if the praise wasn’t enough, both writers of the article “after more than three years of research and testing” over a dozen adjustable sit-stand desks, bought the Xdesk Terra standing desks for themselves. And that’s the highest praise we could get.

There are cheaper options out there, but the writers noted that the Xdesk Terra is a thing of beauty and we’d have to agree. We don’t take offense when they say it is “the standing desk for design snobs,” because we were design snobs when we built it. We didn’t cut corners or say, “That’s good enough.” At Xdesk, we know that beauty is in the details and that if you are going to craft something, every detail matters. Xdesk is for people who want something functional and beautiful. Thoughtful and stunning. So for those people who appreciate style and substance here is how our standing desk measured up to the competition:

It has a 3/4-inch solid bamboo tabletop, and its recycled aluminum frame is lighter and stronger than…

The Terra’s motors are completely hidden inside it’s legs, and quieter than…

The Terra’s control panel looks more sleek and modern than…

So if you are interested in compromising or sacrificing you have other options but if you want the lighter-than, stronger-than, quieter-than, more-sleek and more-modern-than desk, the Xdesk Terra standing desk is your desk. Read their whole article here and build your own design snob standing desk here.

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