Xdesk Terra Pro Review

September 2, 2015

Brent Ozar started out with two desks: one for sitting and one for standing. After a while he made the switch to the power standing desk, Xdesk Terra Pro. With all of his necessities — light, laptop, camera and

microphone all in one place — he was able to sit or stand without reassembling his set up.

In his Xdesk Terra Pro review he mentions several reasons why he decided on a standing desk. One of them had to do with stability:

Four legs means more stability, which means no wobbly, shaking monitor screens – even when the desk is raised to a high standing height.

Since he has a job typing, and his typing style may not always be gentle, it’s very important to him that the desk is able to stand firm. Wobbling or rocking was not an option for his needs and his job, which is one of the reasons the Xdesk Terra Pro has passed his test. Ozar also appreciated that he could set his ideal, ergonomic heights for sitting and standing and that’s it. Once those settings are put into the programmable memory controller, he doesn’t have to guess or reset it. This standing desk is designed for maximum convenience, stability and health.

The fact that it is so easy to stand, without wobbling, means that Ozar spends more time standing than ever before. Whereas before it was a hassle to transport what he needed from the standing desk to the sitting desk and back and forth, it was more trouble than it was worth:

But because I had to move my laptop over there, and I didn’t have the same monitor/keyboard/trackpad, and I didn’t have my recording gear over there…I almost never bothered. The standing desk went unused.

That is the beauty of a Xdesk power height adjustable desk. If you go right to a standing desk, it can be discouraging when you do feel the need to sit. So being able to switch from sitting to standing with the press of a button and all of your equipment stays right where you need it, makes it easy to transition into a healthier lifestyle. A sit-to-stand desk gives you the best of both worlds with the ability to choose. His other likes include:

  • The “artisan bar” makes for an “awesome” foot rest when you are standing.
  • The motors are in each leg and they are solid.
  • Assembly took only 30 minutes and he claims he isn’t known for “mechanical prowess.”

What could your “like” list be if you had a Terra Pro standing desk? Visit the Xdesk Terra Pro page yourself and build your ultimate office space.

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