Signs of a great interview

Signs Of A Great Interview

February 22, 2016

In the job interview world, there can be plenty of misconceptions. You could think that you hit the interview out of the park, but then get the dreaded “copy-paste” email saying thanks but “we have decided to go forward with a different candidate who is not you.” There are plenty of red flags to watch out for, just like there are plenty of green flags. Keep an eye out for these great signs that you are rocking the interview.

Signs that you are making an impression during your interview

  1. The interviewer smiles: Everyone likes to work with someone they get along with. If they don’t like you as a person, it makes it harder to work with you even if you are good at your job. So if you are making them smile, you are on the right track. If you are making them laugh, you are golden. But don’t go to the joke book if it’s not your personality, it may come off like you are forcing it or trying too hard.
  2. You have things in common: Going back to the first point, having similar likes and dislikes shows how well you fit in with the company culture. If they have a monthly rafting trip and you are cleared to handle a Class V, you could seem like a shoe-in for the team and maybe even for the job. So listen for outside-of-work activities to try and connect with or clues to the office culture. For example, if it’s an office that values health, mention your standing desk that you have at home. They may be able to connect by saying that they offer standing desks at work and they have discounted gym memberships.
  3. You can answer questions with experience: When they ask you, “Could you handle x, y, and z?” instead of saying what you would do, you can answer with, “Well, when i did x, y and z…” This shows that you have already done it which sounds so much better than “I’ll learn how to do it.” If you can slip in “I’ve been trained for this.” It shows confidence without being cocky. It’s a fact and one less thing they have to worry about training you for.
  4.  They already describe the position as “yours”: This one is tricky. I don’t mean that they say “welcome to the team” or “it’s yours if you want it” as those are dead giveaways and offers. What I mean is instead of saying “For this position, the candidate will be doing x, y, and z.” they say, “You will be working on x, y, and z.” or “You’ll be working with Sara.” The important phrase to listen for (before you get too excited is) “If you were to get this position…” If they are already acting like they are describing “your” job, not “your job if…” then you should be feeling extra confident.
  5. If you meet with more than one interviewer: If they really like you, they may have you scheduled to meet with lots of people. This sign usually only applies if this is not the first interview. Think about it this way, they wouldn’t waste so many people’s time if they didn’t think you could be worth it. Plus, how high up they are in another great sign. Are you meeting the director of the division, the director of the company, the president of the company? The higher the position, the higher the recommendation.
  6. They show you off/around: When the talking part is over, they may take you for a tour of the office and introduce you to more people. If they do, remember to be complementary about the amenities and warm to the people you meet. Always offer a strong handshake and a warm smile (refer to point one).
  7. The big finale: When you are about to leave, they give you a timeline of how long it should take for them to get back to you. This shows that they want you expect their response. If you are interviewing for this job, chances are that you are interviewing for other jobs, and they know this. They want to stay on your radar. Also, when you leave there is “contact.” A warm smile and handshake is always huge because they want you to feel welcome, and they want you to know that they really did appreciate the time to get to know you. The scale goes up as follows: a handshake with both hands, a handshake with a pat on the shoulder, or a hug. Hugs are very rare to come by and they are usually only from incredibly warm and outgoing people. As a heads up, it is recommended to have them initiate a hug, as it may seem like too much if it is coming from the candidate.

Business Insider released more tips in their article, “9 Signs You Just Nailed That Job Interview.” It includes more green flags and signs to look for like how to tell if the interviewer’s smile is genuine. To get ready for that job interview, be sure to do your research on the company and ask questions that show you are in it for the long term. Seeing if they have a standing desk option or are open to purchasing a standing desk converter, shows that you value your health and you are willing to make this job a commitment. And if you are interested in staying healthy and happy, they see it as a sign of an employee who is planning to stick around. Once you have the job, you can show your new boss the pros of a standing desk, the benefits of standing, and just how gorgeous and convenient the Xdesk standing desks are. Whether you have a little office space to work with, or you can enjoy a full-sized standing desk with all of the accessories, remember you are going to spend eight hours a day at your job, so it only makes sense for you to be as happy as possible there.

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