Answers to Wednesday’s Standing Desk Quiz

October 11, 2013

Stop! Before you read any further, make sure you take the Adjustable Height Desk Quiz if you missed it in the previous post. We’re wary of cheaters around here (if you must read on that’s fine – but you should take the quiz anyway since it’s a nice break from the daily grind).

For those of you who did to take the quiz, if you read on you’ll learn the explanation behind the correct answer, and why you should keep standing behind your adjustable height desk. Click the link in the question to discover the location of the correct answer.

Answer explanations to the adjustable height desk quiz:

1. Which famous writer was known to stand while working, or use a makeshift standing desk?

The great Ernest Hemingway was known for frequently using a standing desk, and was often photographed standing behind one – waiting to create his next masterpiece. He was famously quoted as saying, “Writing and travel broaden your ass if not your mind, and I like to write standing up.” To learn about other writers who made the standing desk famous, click here.

2. Your body burns ___ calorie(s) per minute while sitting down.

One calorie. Yes, that’s correct. Your body burns just one calorie per minute when you’re sitting down – less than chewing a piece of gum. Studies show that your fat burning ability shuts down the minute you take a seat, and if you’ve been sitting all day, you may want to change positions right now.

3. Which review of Xdesk said, “We tested all the major standing desks and the best full-sized standing desk is Terra by Xdesk.”

Xdesk was more than flattered when The Wirecutter named the Terra model the best adjustable height desk on the market. This question was a bit tricky, but could be found in two places: The review page, or the Xdesk blog. We also had to take a moment to boast about an outstanding review.

4. True or False: Xdesk uses pressed wood and solvent-based paints for their desktops.

False! Xdesk takes pride in the fact that they use only the best quality, natural materials. Most desks use pressed wood, laminate and even formaldehyde in their desks. Furthermore, solvent-based paints used in product finishes contain volatile organic compounds, or VOCs that can cause watery eyes, asthma and sneezing. Thankfully, Xdesk only uses natural bamboo and recycled aluminum in their standing desks.

5. How many positions does the Xdesk accommodate?

Not only does the Xdesk accommodate 267 positions, but you can set the LED digital display to the perfect position for your height. It also has convex and concave buttons, so you won’t have to stop staring at your computer screen to change positions (unless your eyes need a break).

6. What’s the most abundant metal in the earth’s crust that’s used in every Xdesk?

In case you haven’t noticed, Xdesk is a big fan of aluminum. Not only is it the most abundant metal in the earth’s crust, but recycled aluminum is of equal quality as new aluminum. Xdesk chose to use recycled aluminum for its strength, beauty, and it consumes 95 percent less energy than producing new aluminum. And in the end that means fewer production emissions that harm the environment.

7. True or False: Spending 1-2 hours at the gym per day doesn’t offset the damage done by sitting.

It’s unsettling, but it’s true. Even if you go to the gym before or after work, that cardio workout isn’t doing much good if you’re sitting around all day. Researchers recommend moving as often as possible to preserve health, ideally five to 19 percent of your day.

8. Sitting too much can cause which disease?

Even more unsettling, all of the answers were true. Studies that analyzed obesity, heart disease and diabetes showed that sitting down can cause metabolic syndrome – something more than 47 million adults already have. So start standing to reduce the risk of disease.

9. The Xdesk Terra Pro has a ___ conservative rated lift capacity.

The Xdesk Terra Pro is similar to the Terra, but on steroids. Four 18 volt DC motors and a wider footprint allow for an increased weight capacity of up to 630lbs. That’s a large amount of lift for such a sleek looking desk – but the Terra Pro does it in style.

10. True or False: The Xdesk moves at a volume of 100 db during transition.

False. We’re not saying the Xdesk is perfect, but it’s pretty close to it. Its state-of-the-art microprocessor-controlled lift system is seamless, and moves your desk from the sit to stand positions in a matter of seconds. And even better, it’s ultra-quiet. As in 60 decibels during transition quiet – that’s lower than a telephone dial.

And there you have it – the Standing Desk Quiz explained. If you didn’t get every single answer correct, don’t worry. The Xdesk blog and website is here to guide you through all of your ergonomic workstation needs.

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