Answers to Wednesday’s Standing Desk Quiz

October 11, 2013

Stop! Before you read any further, make sure you take the Adjustable Height Desk Quiz if you missed it in the previous post. We’re wary of cheaters around here (if you must read on that’s fine – but you should take the quiz anyway since it’s a nice break from the daily grind). …Read More

Test Your Knowledge of Standing Desks With this Quiz

October 9, 2013

Xdesk and the Xdesk blog have been around for some time now. Whether you’re just catching up or have been with us from the beginning, you probably know a great deal about the best ergonomic workstation out there. …Read More

The Standing Desk Made Famous

November 5, 2012

Standing desks were used by some of the greatest minds across the ages.

In the last post we told you about the history of the adjustable height desk and some of the brilliant minds who have been known to use them over the years. But the list of historical figures who have used sit to stand desks or standing desks goes far beyond the few people we mentioned. T

We thought we’d delve a little bit deeper into some of those big names who have helped make the adjustable height desk what it is today. …Read More

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