standing desks linked to higher scores

Higher Scores With Standing Desks

March 4, 2016

Standing desks have been busy making a name for themselves. It seems like every month there is a new study coming out saying how standing desks have been linked to something beneficial: improved mood, increased productivity, better health. And now a new study links standing desks to better grades for students.

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sedentary lifestyles could be connected to cancer risks

Cancer From Too Much Sitting?

March 3, 2016

Sitting has been making a huge impact on our lives: From increased risk of diabetes, and heart disease to even certain cancers. See the numbers behind a study that connected excessive sitting to certain types of cancer and how a standing desk could help.

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What to keep by your desk

Increase Productivity With Desk Essentials

February 24, 2016

Your desk is your creative space. This is where you work, where you make an impact on your ides, where you get things done. So make sure you have these desk must-haves to keep your creativity and productivity at an all time high.

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Signs of a great interview

Signs Of A Great Interview

February 22, 2016

In the job interview world, there can be plenty of misconceptions. You could think that you hit the interview out of the park, but then get the dreaded “copy-paste” email saying thanks but “we have decided to go forward with a different candidate who is not you.” There are plenty of red flags to watch out for, just like there are plenty of green flags. Keep an eye out for these great signs that you are rocking the interview.

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How Long To Stand At A Standing Desk

February 19, 2016

Before we talked about how you are supposed to set up your standing desk: What the right ergonomic heights are, and how your elbows, neck, and wrists should be aligned. Once you have the right standing desk posture, it’s time to figure out how long to keep it. Plenty of people make the switch to a standing-desk lifestyle, but they don’t know how long to stand or sit. Here are some studies and recommendations for how long to stand at a standing desk. …Read More

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