The Psychological Benefits of a Standing Desk

January 24, 2015

Think of all of the images of powerful people that you can.  Imagine superheroes, politicians, pop stars and even your boss at work.  How do they stand?  They likely assume the power position often, and exude a great deal of self-assurance.  Standing up straight in the “power stance” with your hands on your hips, literally makes you feel powerful. Amy Cuddy was quoted in her Ted Talk on the power stance as follows: …Read More

Can Standing Desks Aid in Digestion?

January 14, 2015

Have you experienced digestive issues and are wondering where they are stemming from? There can be many causes, from diet, to illness, to lifestyle. However, diet is of course one of the most impactful factors to a healthy environment in the digestive tract.  However, a sedentary lifestyle, or allowing yourself to get too stressed, can also create stomach issues.  What’s sort of startling is that almost everyone in this day and age is creating a poor situation for their stomach… …Read More

How to Use a Standing Desk Correctly

January 10, 2015

Standing desks have a lot to offer in terms of health and productivity.  With that said, they must be used in combination with other methods and gradually implemented to be most effective.  The real magic is through an active and healthy lifestyle, which is unfortunately second nature to most of us.  We know what we should do.  It’s a matter of actually doing it that can be an issue. …Read More

Why Sustainable Design and Manufacturing Matters

December 29, 2014

At Xdesk, we take the time to address every detail of our products, creating adjustable height desks that are not only beneficial to our customer’s health, but don’t carry the negative impact on our environment many of our competitors do. Unfortunately, many products today are manufactured using materials or processes that are harmful to both our health and our environment. We make a purposeful effort to follow sustainable practices all throughout the manufacturing of our standing desks.  …Read More

The Wearable Technology Revolution and Your Health

December 21, 2014

We are in the beginning of a wearable technology revolution.  It seems futuristic and hard to imagine, but technology is becoming so advanced that it won’t be long until our own fingers may be used as Bluetooth devices.  There are devices out there changing the way we do things every day, but the next generation of these gadgets will be worn on our bodies, while being virtually invisible. They may come in the form of eyeglasses, watches, rings and more. …Read More

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