Why Sustainable Design and Manufacturing Matters

December 29, 2014

At Xdesk, we take the time to address every detail of our products, creating adjustable height desks that are not only beneficial to our customer’s health, but don’t carry the negative impact on our environment many of our competitors do. Unfortunately, many products today are manufactured using materials or processes that are harmful to both our health and our environment. We make a purposeful effort to follow sustainable practices all throughout the manufacturing of our standing desks. 

1.We want to keep people safe.

The more natural materials we use, the healthier we are, and this isn’t only true when it comes to what we eat and drink. It is also not healthy for us to be exposed to chemicals that we can breathe in or absorb through our skin. You may have no idea how much of your furniture and other belongings contain dangerous, cancer-causing chemicals. These chemicals are present in glues and paints that are commonly used to make furniture.
Many of the desks on the market today are made using formaldehyde, among other carcinogens. Sadly, these are linked to brain cancer and other illnesses. It is irresponsible to manufacture these types of products for two primary reasons: It is dangerous to the consumer and it is dangerous to our workers. Xdesk is committed to creating adjustable height workstations that keep people happy, healthy and safe.
All of the standing desks we make are created without any toxic materials, particularly without solvent-based paints. Solvent based paints are often responsible for respiratory issues and even asthma attacks. Instead, we use a technique called powder coating to add color to our products. Once again, in doing so, we are keeping our customers and employees safe, which is something we feel good about.

2.We want to reduce our environmental impact.

Another part of the responsibility of keeping people safe, is keeping their environment (our planet!) healthy and safe, as well. That is why all of the standing desks made by Xdesk are made from sustainable materials and natural materials.
We make our adjustable height desks from bamboo. Actually a grass, bamboo is the fastest growing woody plant on the planet and is actually made healthier when thinned. It’s also quite beautiful and looks lovely in any home or office.
Still more, the powder coating process reduces waste because almost any off spray can be reused. It also eliminates the off-gassing that can stay in a residence or office for months. This is a totally natural and clean process.

3.Recycling Just Makes Sense

Everyone knows that recycling is the right thing to do. The newest generation of school kids is learning all about the benefits from the time they start Kindergarten. The responsibility to not be wasteful, and to be conscious of the choices that we make, is of paramount importance. If we hope to save our planet from the many damaging choices that mankind has made, the easiest and most straightforward thing that we can do is recycle. It is also important that we choose recyclable materials when purchasing products as well materials that have already been recycled.
At Xdesk, we understand that. It’s something that we take very seriously. We make our standing desks from aluminum which is a recyclable material. It is the most commonly found metal in the Earth’s crust and is strong and durable. Aluminum is easy to recycle and the recycled materials are just as high quality and durable as the beginning product. It also takes 95 % less energy to recycle aluminum than it does to create new aluminum. It’s an environmentally conscious choice for a multitude of reasons.
For these three primary reasons, we run our business sustainably from beginning to end. When you purchase standing desks from Xdesk, you are not only helping your own health, you can rest assured that the entire process of creating that desk is considerate of people and our planet.

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