Eat, Move and Sleep Your Way to a Healthier You

May 1, 2015

Eat Move Sleep is the new New York Times bestselling book by Tom Rath. Rath is a noted business and thought-leadership author who has previously covered topics on personal strengths and well-being. This new book is in the same genre as his previous works, but focuses more on the impact eating, activity and sleep have on our lives. …Read More

Standing Desks Subjected to Scientific Method

April 22, 2015

Fast Company Explores New Science about the Benefits of Standing Desks

A recent article by Fast Company highlighted a Canadian study that took an in-depth look into the actual benefits and drawbacks from standing and treadmill desks. Below is a summary of the research findings. …Read More

How to Improve Employee Productivity and Satisfaction

April 16, 2015

Not all workplaces are the same. Productivity is a concern for virtually all businesses, but how to reach that goal is becoming increasingly varied. And past performance standards and metrics are changing as a result. …Read More

Thoughtful Design To Make You Happier at Work and Home

April 8, 2015

Henning Voss, CEO and founder of Vivid Living, illustrates how we can live healthier, happier lives at work and home by introducing sustainable solutions that become integral parts of everyday life. His company is based out of Hong Kong and they specialize in creating homes and offices that enrich their users physically, mentally and emotionally. …Read More

NASA Doesn’t Want You to Stand at All

March 27, 2015

While we generally write about the benefits of standing, this post goes in a different direction: a horizontal one—or more specifically, six degrees past horizontal. NASA is working on a study that requires participants to lie in bed, at a six degree decline, for 70 days. …Read More

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