How to Organize Your Xdesk in 4 Steps

April 2, 2014

Xdesk is a big fan of clean lines and organized workspaces. Occasionally it’s difficult to maintain an uncluttered work area if organization isn’t your thing, but below are a few tips on how to organize your Xdesk in no time.

Separate the Old from the New
If you’re unable to see your natural bamboo or shiny aluminum desktop, don’t fret. You can start to organize your Xdesk by developing a filing system. Separate out the old, outdated documents or even entire files (if it’s been awhile). Grab bills, important documents and other necessary paperwork into one pile, and trash anything else that’s been lying around for a few days. Use a file rack to place current projects you need handy at a moment’s notice, and a four-drawer filing cabinet to put away finished projects and other paperwork.

An unorganized filing cabinet doesn’t really serve a purpose. So while you’re at it, take a moment to clean out the cabinet. Order things alphabetically, by color, or develop your own coding system so you can quickly find the things you need.

Find New Equipment
It’s difficult to throw things out and have an orderly workspace without the right equipment. When you’re ready to organize your Xdesk, have a garbage, recycle bin and shredder ready to take on the job. Beyond trash receptacles, consider downsizing your computer or printer. If you have a dinosaur of a monitor, replace it for something inexpensive and lightweight that won’t take up much space.

The same goes for other electronics. Buy a printer, fax and scanner that are all in one, instead of having separate devices. Another option is Xdesk Connect. It elevates the CPU to save floor space and protect it from moisture and damage. It’s able to hold up to 85 pounds off the floor.

Get Rid of Clutter
After you’ve filed your documents, get rid of other unnecessary items on your desk. If you haven’t seen your desktop in a while, wipe it down with a light wash of soapy water. Keep in mind that Xdesk cannot withstand oils, and other cleaners and disinfectants shouldn’t be highly basic or acidic. Replace a desk lamp with a standing model to allow for even more room, and hang family pictures on the wall to get them off of your desk.

Xdesk offers other options for a clean, organized workspace. Feed cables and wires through the grommet holes in your desktop, and pull them through the Vanity Cover with Cable Raceway. Then all wires will be covered and combined into one, streamlined system. Don’t forget to add the Power Management System to protect your equipment from power surges.

Throw it Out
Moving along with getting rid of clutter, take a second to throw out broken pens, paperclips, and miscellaneous staples that are taking up space (and just waiting to stab your fingertips). Throw out magazines and newspapers that are collecting dust, and outdated documents. Pay stubs, medical bills and bank statements can generally be thrown out after one year, while credit card bills can be thrown out after a month (and payment has been received).

Replace scattered pens, rubber bands and other small items with a caddy that holds everything in place. Try out this version from iSkelter that even holds your phone and, coincidentally, is made out of bamboo.

How do you organize your Xdesk? Share in the comments below!

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