Modern Office Gadgets for the New Year

December 30, 2013

The year 2014 is around the corner, and that means new, high tech gadgets of the future. Next year will bring smart watches, talking pens and solar-powered keyboards to offices around the country. And it looks like an adjustable height desk will continue to be the best office gadget to have in your workspace.

Check out the list of modern work accessories below:

1. Power Stations 
If you’re lucky, you may have a smart phone for the office, one for home, or a tablet for work meetings. With so many office gadgets, that means more things that need to charge. The year 2014 has you covered, with battery packs and power stations that cater to several gadgets at once. Most come with extensive battery power and are able to charge multiple work accessories, so you don’t have to worry if one phone runs out of juice.

Anker Astro E4

Mophie Power Station

2. Smart Light Bulbs
Old fluorescent light bulbs are a thing of the past, now you can plug in energy-saving LED lights into your lamp, or even use a smart bulb. A few companies have taken LED lights to the next level. Now you can control these office gadgets with a remote, or your smart phone. So you don’t have to hear anyone complain if you forget to turn off your desk lamp.

Phillips Hue Connected Bulb

Insteon LED Bulb

3. Smart Watches
You knew it would happen at some point – smart watches will come to life in 2014. Instead of watching James Bond or the Jetsons speak into their high-tech wristwatches, you may catch someone in your office having a conversation with their arm. Smart watches are an ideal office gadget to have, for taking calls, sending emails or using an app. Now you can get rid of the extra phone and be the envy of your coworkers.

Samsung Galaxy Smart Watch

4. Never Ending Keyboard
Wireless keyboards are great, until they break or run out of battery. One minute you’re finishing up your work, and the next you’re hitting a nonresponsive keyboard against your NextSpace Keyboard Platform (not recommended). To save the hassle, the new office gadget to have is a solar powered keyboard. They’re powered by any kind of light, including low, lamp and indoor lights. Xdesk encourages a clutter-free workspace, and a solar powered keyboard is an ideal work accessory to minimize wires.

Logitech Wireless Solar Keyboard

Or try a wireless mouse with Bluetooth technology:

Microsoft Sculpt Touch Mouse

5. The Talking Pen
Forget about dragging a laptop to a work meeting (around an adjustable conference table), now all you need is an old-school notepad and pen – sort of. A smart pen allows you to record audio while you take notes and play them back later. Once the meeting is over, take the pen back to your computer and plug it in through a USB port to save it. This office gadget is a handy work accessory to have, especially for impromptu meetings or lunch meetings out of the office.

Livescribe Echo Smart Pen

6. An Adjustable Desk
Of course this list of office gadgets wouldn’t be complete without an adjustable height desk. These modern desks have taken the office furniture world by storm, especially with new research showing the harmful effects of sitting. We hope the year 2014 will bring even more news about the benefits of standing desks, and why they’re needed in offices throughout the country. Xdesk is the future of the desk, after all.

Xdesk Adjustable Height Desk

Are you looking forward to owning one of these office gadgets during 2014? Which one is your favorite?


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