Keeping Your Desk Clutter-Free

June 6, 2016


It’s amazing how much our work environment affects our productivity. A cluttered, unorganized desktop and office space can distract you and slow down your work flow. Plus, who has time to rifle through that stack of documents for that memento you wrote last week, or test every one of your highlighters until one actually works? No thank you. Here’s a few tips to minimizing your desk clutter, and maximizing your productivity.


Out of Sight, Peace of Mind.

Xdesk is a big proponent of having a clear desk for greater overall functionality, and has a few accessories to help you make the most of your space. For instance, cords and cables are a major disturbance to a space aiming for visually clean lines. Hide the cables through Xdesk’s Vanity Cover where they are conveniently tucked underneath your desktop away from your workspace. Speaking of cords, your power cords also need a convenient place to hide, like Xdesk’s Power Management system. This also keeps you from worrying about having cables to reach from your electronics to the wall outlet when you raise your desk. If you have a large CPU for your monitors, it can really take up a lot of your working space if you have it on top of your desk, and can get in the way under your desk. Next Desk’s CPU Mount conveniently connects to the underside of your desk and stays conveniently out of the way no matter what height your desk is set to. Since the computer monitor takes up the majority of most desks, consider installing Monitor Arms like the ones from Xdesk. They’ll clear up considerably more surface area that you can use for accessories.


Now that your desk is clear of some of the largest space-taking objects, it’s time to organize with functional and stylish accessories and assign a purpose to everything on your desk.


A Place for Everything.

Every item on your desk—that note from your meeting yesterday, your pencils, your picture of your family, and even your tape dispenser—needs an assigned home. For some of the paperwork or chewed on pens, that might mean the trash can, or it might mean finding a stylish and functional filing system.


Take for instance this ultra-sleek set of wooden accessories. What’s great is the thoughtfulness of each piece. An indention for spare batteries in the keyboard tray, a pen holder in your mousepad, and matching cups and dishes for office odds and ins. Everything has a place, and as a result, everything looks organized. Pair this with an industrial yet sophisticated filing system like this desktop one or this hanging one (see how to hang wall décor with a standing desk here) and your desk will look and feel put together and complete.


Keep it Clean.

PSA: Your desk gets dirty. You’d probably be surprised at what you found if you wiped a dust cloth across the surface of your accessories or desk, not to mention the things you can’t see on that cloth. You’re likely in contact with your desk all throughout the work day, and keeping your desk space cleaned can protect your physical health and improve your productivity. When your desk is clean and not covered in a layer of dust and food crumbs, it’s not so bad to spend time at it. It’s important to at least wipe your desk clean with a non-abrasive cleaner like an antibacterial wipe once a week. And yes, this means moving your desk accessories aside to clean under them, which is much easier when your desk is clutter free. Check out your user manual for suggestions on cleaning materials that are safe for your Xdesk surface.


Stay Ahead of the Mess.

The easiest way to keep a desk free of clutter is to stay on top of the problem. Before you leave for the day, do a quick check and tidy up. Throw away unimportant documents and trash, put things back in their designated space, and quickly wipe down your surfaces. That way, when you arrive at your desk in the morning, you’ll be greeted by an orderly space inviting you to have a productive day.


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