Is Your Job Increasing Your Risk of Heart Failure?

September 22, 2014

Study shows sitting 5 or more hours is extremely dangerous to your health

Researchers conducted a study to see if there is a link between working in a traditional office environment and an increased risk of heart failure. Following 82,000 men, ages 45 to 69, over 10 years led to the conclusion that men who don’t exercise regularly and whose jobs require them to sit for five or more hours per day are twice as likely to develop heart failure than their more active counterparts.

What is heart failure?

Heart failure occurs when your heart muscle is no longer able to efficiently and effectively pump blood through your body. Unlike an acute attack, which causes the heart to stop beating, heart failure is a drawn-out process whose victims experience continually diminished quality of life over an extended period of time.

What does my job have to do with it?

Most Americans are stuck behind a desk for upwards of 9 hours each day. This sedentary behavior puts you at risk of developing serious medical conditions like high blood pressure, decreased circulation, and obesity; all factors directly linked to heart failure.

Avoid becoming a statistic

To avoid becoming a statistic, researchers recommend standing at least 10 minutes every hour. The easiest way to accomplish this without interrupting your workday is with a standing desk by Xdesk. With the click of a button, you can transform your traditional seated desk into a standing model. Conversely, when you’ve fulfilled your standing goal, you can easily convert back to a seated arrangement with the click of a button.

In addition to incorporating the practice of standing while working into your daily routine, be sure to build active time into your schedule as well. Simple actions like taking time to stretch at your desk or going for a stroll around your corporate campus can make a tremendous difference in your overall health and wellbeing. Take getting moving a step further by scheduling walk and talk meetings instead of flopping down in chairs in your favorite meeting room.

While our culture is one that revolves around seated tasks, it’s your responsibility to challenge those norms. Standing at least 10 minutes every hour and consciously adding more activity to your workday can significantly reduce your risk of heart failure. If you’re struggling finding additional ways to increase your activity level at work, Rutgers University has some great tips to keep you active and reduce your risk of heart failure.

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