Is Your Job Increasing Your Risk of Heart Failure?

September 22, 2014

Study shows sitting 5 or more hours is extremely dangerous to your health

Researchers conducted a study to see if there is a link between working in a traditional office environment and an increased risk of heart failure. Following 82,000 men, ages 45 to 69, over 10 years led to the conclusion that men who don’t exercise regularly and whose jobs require them to sit for five or more hours per day are twice as likely to develop heart failure than their more active counterparts. …Read More

Hidden Office Safety Hazards

April 25, 2014

Of course you’re familiar with the harmful effects of a desk job, but there are other reasons why employees may call in sick. Keep reading to learn about these office safety hazards you may not be aware of. …Read More

Prolonged Sitting Increases Heart Failure in Men

April 4, 2014

Ok guys, it’s time to take a stand against poor heart health. A recent study found that prolonged sitting increases the likelihood of heart failure in men by 52 percent. Yes, you read that right—52 percent! …Read More

Depression Symptoms Related to Prolonged Sitting, According to Recent Study

February 5, 2014

You’re well aware that sitting is bad for your physical health, but a recent study has shown that sitting has a negative effect on mental health. Researchers in Australia studied 8,950 women ages 50 to 55 to determine if prolonged sitting and lack of exercise had an effect …Read More

Health Study Links Sitting to Earlier Death in Women

January 22, 2014

A health study led by a Cornell nutritional scientist showed that women who spent the majority of their day in a sedentary position died earlier than women who remained active. The study included 93,000 postmenopausal American women and sedentary time was defined as sitting and resting. …Read More

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