Black Friday Xdesk Savings

November 26, 2015

Black Friday has become a holiday all on its own. To celebrate, Xdesk is offering 25% off accessories. Almost every Xdesk standing desk accessory is 25% off, which means you can upgrade your Xdesk standing desk with all of our most-coveted enhancements.

Shopping this Black Friday means that you’ll get 25% off all accessories excluding the Harman Kardon sound system or the treadmill. That leaves every other accessory at a 25% discount:

Ergonomic Keyboard Platform: Not only will you enjoy more desktop space, but the keyboard platform is made to adjust easily with no knobs or levers required. A spring-assisted Lift-n-Lock feature with a 360 degree swivel and the ability to adjust on both the vertical and longitudinal axes, puts your hands in the perfect ergonomic position. 

Monitor Arms: Whether you want a standing desk with one monitor or four, these ergonomic monitor arms keep your screens elevated and easy to adjust.

Power Management: Protect your standing desk investment from surges, spikes, and AC contamination with a power strip right under the desktop. Plus, keeping everything plugged in under your desk means that there is only one power cord, ensuring your standing desk’s minimalist design.

Xdesk Connect: The PC mount allows you to keep your computer tower off of the floor- reducing internal contamination and increasing foot space.

Pulse: Experience software and hardware at its fitness finest with the Xdesk Pulse. Keep track of your personal fitness goals with the calorie counter, sit and stand timer, and on-screen reminders to get up or have a break. Each fitness goal is different because it is tailor-made for you based on your stats.

Artisan Bar: Artfully crafted, the patent-pending design acts as a stability bar and part-time footrest.

Vanity Cover: An aluminum raceway keeps cables concealed and organized. For those who love a clean and clutter-free cable system.

Casters: When you need to move your Xdesk standing desk, there is nothing like coasting thanks to super convenient casters. Designed with solid steel axles and polyurethane tires, you can freely move your standing desk and lock it in place when you are ready to work.

Leveling Pads: When your floor isn’t level, Xdesk standing desk leveling pads can be the best solution to prevent wobbles and worries.

Xdesk Freedom: What does freedom mean for you? If it means going where you want without being tethered to an outlet then you’ll love this accessory. The high-performance lithium-ion battery comes with mounting brackets to keep it out of sight all while charging your desk.

Extended Desktop: That’s right, you can even experience the 25% discount on extending the desktop width. We know it’s not really an accessory, but with more desktop space, you’ll have more room for more accessories!

As you can see, there are a lot of standing desk options to choose from, which means you get a lot of opportunities to enjoy your 25% off Black Friday deal. Your hardest choice may be which Xdesk standing desk to start upgrading.

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