Mac Life Craves a Xdesk

November 23, 2015

In Mac Life’s latest November 2015 issue, they call out their top choices, for their techie wish list. The article titled, “Crave: The Gear We’re Lusting For,” is filled with every drool worth piece of tech you could dream of including the Encore standing desk.

In the same company as some of the coolest toys that I didn’t even know existed yet, the Encore standing desk is high on the list: at fourth place. The reasons that the people of Mac Life chose the Encore standing desk seam to be for its features and desktop material.

Sustainable wood: Yes, the rubberwood is a gorgeous wood that has a warm and rich tone, but it is more than just beautiful: It’s eco-friendly. Normally when a rubber tree is done producing latex, the plantations just dispose of the wood in a landfill or burn it. However, Xdesk stepped up and breathed new life into the sustainable and stunning wood. When we got to look at the rubberwood first hand, I was sold. Not only do I love a good environmental story, but I also love the look of the medium rubberwood desktop. I personally got this standing desk top for my husband for a present and somehow my coffee cup keeps ending up there. Weird.

Hidden motor: With a soft start and soft stop motor hidden inside the lifting columns you get to sleek minimalistic design packed with power.

Powerfully convenient: With the Encore standing desk, you aren’t stuck in one position. Just press one of the programmable memory buttons and watch the exact height show up on the LED panel.

Extras: Noting the “ergonomically positioned keyboard shelf, a power strip with surge protection, a ┬ámonitor arm, and even a health sensor,” the Encore comes with plenty of options to make your dream standing desk.

Number four is not bad when you’re sharing the stage with tech gadgets that boarder on fridge science. Number one is a because the MakerArm. Haven’t heard of it yet, well think of a machine that can 3D print material, carve any shapes out of wood or metal, can put the pieces together, can place screws inside the object you made, and draw designs into the finished product. Think of it like an all-in-one assembly line. Smaller than most 3D printers, it can even “print and assemble printed circuit boards for custom electronics!” The list also included an 8K TV (yes those exist now) and a laser razor for shaving in the future. The very next scientific, breakthrough product is the Encore standing desk. See why it fits in wit such great company.

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