Xdesk: The Desk of Today and Tomorrow

January 14, 2013

These days, it doesn’t take much searching to find the height of technology. Our computers are faster than ever, our cameras take pictures with more pixels than you can count, any information is a click away with the internet—and that’s just the technology on our phones!

So isn’t it about time that the technology outside of our pockets is a bit more advanced? Perhaps technology that actually helps us live healthier and more productive lifestyles?

That’s why Xdesk has created the adjustable height desk for the modern world. With just the push of a button, Xdesk’s adjustable height desk will move seamlessly from sitting to standing and anywhere in between. The movement is so subtle you won’t have to pause your typing, texting, tweeting, or surfing. It is so smooth you won’t even need to worry about spilling your morning cup of coffee (because let’s face it, even in this technologically savvy world, we still need that cup of joe!).

Whether you choose the natural beauty of the Terra model, or the more minimalist and modern look of the Air, these adjustable height desks are created with health in mind. When you can perfectly position your desk and keyboard, your health will improve. And with sustainable materials like bamboo and recycled aluminum, the planet’s health is being protected as well.

And if you’re still not convinced that Xdesk is the desk of the modern world, just watch this video to see it in action.

So, what do you think of the Xdesk?

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