A Challenge for Change

January 14, 2013

Start standing and moving around during your everyday life.

In a previous post we posed a challenge to you: share your ideas on creative ways to create your own standing desk at home, or post some of the unique ways that you use your Xdesk.

Today we offer you another challenge, should you be so bold as to take it! Okay, that was a little overdramatic—it really isn’t that big of a deal.

Today we’re asking you to start implementing standing and moving around into your life, one day at a time.

As you well know by now, sitting for long periods of time can have a terrible impact on your health, your energy, and your life overall. And as you also know by now, our nation is having a bit of a “weight problem” these days—or as the news might kindly label it, an “epidemic.”

The “obesity epidemic” comes largely from diet and lack of exercise, but studies show that much of the problem comes from sitting. From the moment you sit down, the enzyme that burns fat in your body shuts down, your calorie burning slows to just one per minute, and your metabolism slows to almost a halt. If you want to know how bad for you sitting is, just listen to your body—at the end of a day of sitting, I promise you’ll feel more tired and groggy than if you’d been active.

But sometimes there just isn’t time to run around throughout the day. There’s work, then after work there are families to take care of, errands to run, etc., etc. I get it.

But you can make a difference throughout the day by standing up more, taking breaks at work, and making better choices.

The height adjustable desk and the standing desk are great solutions while you’re at work. With theheight adjustable desk, you can alternate between sitting and standing, thus boosting your metabolism, your energy, and even your productivity at work.

And there are other ways to keep moving during the day aside from your height adjustable desk. Choose to walk the stairs instead of taking the elevator, perhaps ride your bike or walk to work, walk inside instead of going through the drive-through, go for a run or a walk, and when you get home, do not just plunk down on the couch! I know how good it sounds to just fall into the cushiony-comfort of that big sofa after a long day of work, but believe me— it will only make you more tired!

So, dear readers, this week we’d like to challenge you. If you have a height adjustable desk and you stand some of the time at work already, start standing more. If you sit at work now, start standing up.

You can start small—alternating 30 minutes of standing for an hour of sitting. But as the week progresses, build up your “standing endurance.” With your height adjustable desk, start lessening the amount of time that you sit, and increasing the amount of time you stand. After just a day of this, I promise you will feel the difference.

And start considering your decisions. Be aware. Do you want to take the stairs or the elevator? Would you rather go for a walk or stare at yet another screen for another hour? I guess the more appropriate question is, what does your body want you to do? What can you do for your health?

By asking this question, becoming aware, and consciously making an effort to stand up, move around, and make a difference, you are already initiating the change.

So get up, get out there, and get moving!


Have you changed the way you work with an adjustable height desk? Share your thoughts below!

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