Xdesk Options You Can’t Live Without

December 6, 2013

You’ve made it to the Xdesk store and have finally chosen the right bamboo finish (or maybe you’ve chosen the Xdesk Air), and which aluminum frame will fit seamlessly into your office.

It’s taken a lot to get here, but there are a few more things to think about before you hit the checkout button. Which Xdesk options do you want to add to customize your desk down to the smallest details?

Here are the Xdesk options you won’t want to go without:

NextSpace Ergonomic Keyboard
The added keyboard does just what the name says: improve ergonomics for a more comfortable, productive workspace. The NextSpace keyboard platform swivels and adjusts 360 Degrees so you can find the perfect position to rest your arms.

As you know, the angle of your arms with the desk is essential to ergonomics. And this Xdesk option allows you to do just that, no matter how short, long, thick, or gangly your arms may be. The NextSpace comes in several different finishes, to perfectly match your bamboo or solid aluminum desktop.

Xdesk Vanity Cover & Cable Raceway
This Xdesk option takes organization to the next level, and is designed to create a clutter-free workspace. Unlike other cable raceways that are added on as an afterthought, the Xdesk Vanity Cover and Cable Raceway is custom-made from aluminum to match the finish of your choosing. The Vanity Cover is just another tool to show how much Xdesk strives to create not only a more productive workspace, but also a more aesthetically pleasing work area.

The Vanity Cover and Raceway Xdesk option allows you to drop all cables or wires through strategically placed grommets on top of the desk. Imagine never having to deal with tangled cables or annoying wires again. And never having to see them, since the Raceway completely covers the wires with the braided NextFlex cable. You can easily work standing up or sitting down since cables are out of the way.

Xdesk Ergonomic Monitor Arm
This Xdesk option also creates a clutter-free work area, since the monitor arm gives you more space on your desktop. It also helps you maintain perfect posture as you work standing up, so you don’t have to strain your neck and shoulders.

The Monitor Arm (or arms if you choose two) swivels 360 Degrees, so you can easily adjust your monitor no matter your position, or if you choose to step away from your desk. It also pairs seamlessly with the Xdesk Power Management option, to hide cords and protect your precious power supply from shorting out.

Xdesk Power Management
Power Management uses advanced circuitry to protect your electronic equipment from surges, spikes and even AC contamination. And of course, it’s sleek design blends perfectly with any Xdesk model or style.

The Power Management system is connected by a single power cord that’s wrapped in the NextFlex braided cable. So once again, this Xdesk option creates a clutter-free, organized workspace while maintaining pleasing aesthetics.

Xdesk Connect
This nifty Xdesk option helps save floor space, since Xdesk is all about a completely clutter-free workspace – including the floor. Xdesk Connect elevates your CPU, which not only frees up your floor space so you can work standing up freely, but also provides easy access to the rear CPU ports. It’s a great option for organization taken to the extreme, and elevating your CPU reduces internal contamination to ultimately extend equipment life.

Xdesk Connect includes an adjustable clamp with bumpers and adjustable widths to fit the majority of CPUs. It’s also finished in black, to keep up the design and look of your Xdesk.

Now that you know about the different Xdesk options, which one can you not live without? If you already have some of these added features, tell us how they’re working out!

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