What the Experts Say About the Best Standing Desk

December 4, 2013

If you are one of the millions with a desk job, you’re probably spending more time in a sedentary position than moving. With the growing research that sitting causes numerous health problems (so much so that sitting is now labeled as the “tobacco of our generation”), it’s time to start thinking about changing how you work and live.

Thankfully, there’s an adjustable height desk that gives you the freedom of movement, so you can switch from sitting to standing with the single touch of a button.

After several reviews and comparisons, Xdesk has proudly taken on the title as the best standing desk on the market. Xdesk uses sustainable materials combined with advanced technology to produce a desk that is as elegant as it is efficient.

But you don’t have to take our word for it.

Wirecutter, the technology blog responsible for reviewing amazing gadgets, compared heavy hitters in the adjustable height desk world, and deemed the Xdesk Terra as the best standing desk.

There was a constant appreciation for not only the adjustable height desk’s efficiency, but also its design. “In a nutshell, it’s beautiful. And when you see what other desks are like, you really appreciate the beauty,” the Wirecutter said.

Beyond the beauty, the bamboo used in select adjustable height desk models stood out as an exceptional desk surface, just another reason of the best standing desk title. Natural bamboo looks elegant compared to desks of lesser quality, and it is strong and sturdy – to hold up against even the toughest user.

Of all praises the reviewers mentioned, there was the constant recognition of Xdesk’s beauty and modern exterior. And the aesthetics go beyond the sustainable materials, since the advanced design radiates an undertone of a clutter-free workspace.

The Wirecutter praises Xdesk’s wire management as the best standing desk system they’ve seen. Since grommets on either side of the Xdesk and aluminum cable raceway hide any unsightly cables, creating a sleek and modern work area.

Cult of Mac, a news site that reviews Apple products, named Xdesk the best standing desk for health-conscious Apple fans. The review praises Xdesk’s simplistic design that makes it more than office furniture, but an art piece that you can proudly display in your living room, rather than hide away in a corner of your home.

The reviews say it all: if you want an adjustable height desk that is efficient, and maintains an element of design, the Xdesk the best standing desk for you.

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