Standing Desks in Schools

January 18, 2013

Standing desks are sweeping the nation—from homes, to offices, and recently even to schools. As all things old are new again, standing desks have been popular in schools before—but not in quite a while. During the 19th century, it was common to see standing desks, and even some of the first adjustable height desks in schools. They were implemented more commonly in universities and for older students, as back then young students were required to stand each time they answered a question anyway.

Did you ever hear of the obesity epidemic of the 19th century? How about all of the students with ADHD and diabetes? No? That’s because they weren’t a problem then!

Today, students from the age of 5 to 25 spend so much of their time sitting down. They sit in class, they sit at lunch, they sit when they get home to do homework, then they sit when they eat dinner, and then they sit when they watch television or play videogames for hours on end. It seems like the only times they’re not sitting is when they’re moving from one seat to another, or when they finally go to sleep at night. It’s crazy!

Some schools are not only taking notice, but taking a stand—literally. Elementary schools all over the world are starting to implement standing desks—some even have swinging foot rests. This not only keeps children more engaged in the lesson by burning off extra energy, but it also makes them healthier and less likely to become obese or get diabetes.

With their standing desks, students are getting better grades, paying better attention, and feel healthier and happier—both in the classroom and out.

So if you are a parent, a teacher, or even a student yourself, consider a standing desk. I’m standing behind one right now and honestly, I wouldn’t be nearly as productive without it—I just wish I’d had one in school!


What do you think about standing desks in schools? Share your thoughts below!

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