School Uses Standing Desk to Encourage Fidgeting

January 10, 2014

Standing desks are taking over classrooms across the country! The Wilson Elementary School in New Jersey is yet another elementary school that’s incorporated stand up desks in the classroom. What teachers didn’t realize was how great the result would be, and that the desks actually encouraged fidgeting – in a good way. …Read More

Stand Up for Learning

February 20, 2013


A first grade class used standing desks to improve learning in the classroom. Seventy percent of the students stood full-time after just six weeks.

In a previous post we briefly touched on the benefits of standing desks or adjustable height desks in the classroom. Kids burn off excess energy, will focus more on the task at hand, and will be much healthier with a standing desk. Now, there is even more evidence that standing desks in the classroom are beneficial. Just check out this study.

…Read More

Standing Desks in Schools

January 18, 2013

Standing desks are sweeping the nation—from homes, to offices, and recently even to schools. As all things old are new again, standing desks have been popular in schools before—but not in quite a while. During the 19th century, it was common to see standing desks, and even some of the first adjustable height desks in schools. They were implemented more commonly in universities and for older students, as back then young students were required to stand each time they answered a question anyway.

…Read More

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