Standing Desks from an Employer’s Point of View

November 23, 2014

You’ve read the articles, you’ve watched the news segments, and perhaps you’ve even seen them for yourself in state-of-the-art work facilities. Dynamic work stations have been getting a lot of buzz lately and you find yourself wondering: “Should my team make the switch to sit-stand desks?”

As an employer, taking the leap to redesign the office can be daunting! However, the long-term benefits of sit-stand desks are exponential. It’s hard to put into numbers how decreasing levels of lethargy, increasing creativity, and boosting the overall mood of an office environment can help a team grow and succeed. Thankfully, you can see for yourself for 30 days, risk free, with Xdesk. Still have questions? Keep reading for more details!

Will they be distracting?

Xdesk’s workstations are designed to move quickly and quietly between 267 different positions. Highly efficient, virtually silent, and extremely smooth, Xdesk adjusts 54% faster than other adjustable desk models. Its three programmable buttons allow each worker to select their optimal desk heights for sitting and standing, and easily switch between the three without interrupting workflow or desk contents.

Instead of becoming a distraction, standing desks actually encourage more creativity and increased focus by keeping bodies engaged, increasing blood circulation, and regulating glucose levels throughout the day. Workers who find themselves restless or lethargic while sitting during the day can instead move freely while focusing on the task at hand.

Will they really improve my team’s overall health?

The impact of Sitting Disease on the health of the average office worker is nothing to sneeze at. Remaining in one position for eight (or more!) hours a day leads to increased risk of cardiac disease, Type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, obesity, depression, repetitive use injuries, and severe muscle tightness. The effects of these health problems are most assuredly distracting, and are preventable with dynamic sit-stand workstations. Small, healthy changes in the short term also prevent larger, more costly health problems in the long term – health problems that require doctor’s visits, hospital stays, bedrest, and time away from work.

How will standing desks make my team more successful?

It’s simple: better overall health and body function keep moods boosted on an individual level – which, when combined with other individuals in an office, creates a more cohesive, productive, and happy team! Good and bad moods are subtle and contagious. Dispelling restlessness, energizing the body, and promoting increased levels of productivity are easy, effective ways to boost a workers’ level of job satisfaction – a win for the company as a whole!

So, are you ready to make the switch? Check out Xdesk’s full line of standing desk work stations to design an office full of desks that are as unique and forward-thinking as your all-star team.

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