Standing Desks in the Spotlight: Duck Dynasty Style

May 2, 2013


The Duck Dynasty family has discovered the benefits of an adjustable height desk.

If you have read even one of our posts here at the Xdesk blog, you know just how beneficial a standing or adjustable height desk can be for your health. Whether you’re trying to lose weight, better your posture, boost your energy, or just feel better overall, a standing desk is the key to doing so.

And the media is taking notice!

Not only are standing desks in the news these days, but they’re also starting to pop up in shows and movies. The following video clip may as well be endorsed by Xdesk, it is so pointedly saluting the benefits of standing desks (I assure you, it’s not!).

The popular show Duck Dynasty illustrates how even a self-proclaimed “redneck” like Willie Roberson can benefit and love an adjustable height desk. Here we see that he’s just installed some adjustable height desks, very similar to the Xdesk (aside from the camo desktop!), in the office. He explains to his skeptical brother that adjustable height desks promote productivity, movement, and comfort.

Of course like any stereotypical “old man” on T.V., Willie’s uncle objects completely to this crazy newfangled technology saying, “You can’t teach an old dog new tricks!”

But then Willie pushes the button—low and behold the magical moving desk! Willie’s uncle immediately changes his mind about the ridiculous standing desk, because “he likes to push buttons.”

Of course there is more to adjustable height desks like the Xdesk than simply pushing buttons (though that is oddly satisfying). Adjustable height desks give you the freedom to move—move while you stand, stretch, shift your weight and burn more calories. They also give you the freedom to move into a seated position, just by pushing one of the oh-so-delightful buttons.

For benefits galore, click here to see why a Xdesk could change not only the way you work, but the way you live.

And be sure to tune in to Duck Dynasty to watch how their new standing desks transform the lives of the cast! I know I will.


Where have you noticed adjustable height desks or standing desks in the media lately?

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