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Standing Desk Makes A Difference

January 26, 2016

Many people are realizing that we are almost done with January, and they haven’t made an impact on their New Year’s resolutions yet. If you are looking to increase your health and productivity you could get a two-for-one deal by getting a standing desk. Don’t take our word for it. CEO Jonathan Long made the switch, and he had plenty to say about the life change.

“In short, I’ll never go back to a regular desk.”

What brought on the conviction? As Long puts it, there were six main things that he learned from switching to a standing desk. Here are three of his top reasons for why he loves his standing desk.

My Standing Desk Increased Productivity

Long explains that standing helps him reach things more easily. Whether those items are on his desktop or down the hall, standing makes it easier to get what he needs.

Plus, by standing he felt that he could jump at tasks without that distracted “zoned out” feeling that comes with sitting down.

And he’s not alone. In a 2014 study, researchers found that subjects who worked at a standing desk or treadmill desk actually had a 10% increase in productivity.

My Back Pain Decreased After I Got A Standing Desk

While Long works out every day, he credits hardly sitting at work anymore with helping his back. His back pain used to be so bad that he would have to take Advil before going to sleep. Now he feels like if he keeps up his workouts and his standing desk lifestyle, his back pain will disappear.

At Xdesk we recommend alternating between sitting and standing as the healthiest option as opposed to swapping sitting all day for standing. Cornell University recommends the 20-8-2 rule as a guide for the best way to use a standing desk. 20 minutes of sitting, eight minutes of standing, and two minutes of moving.

My Standing Desk Helps Me Sleep

Long believes that standing uses up more energy than sitting, which has helped him get to sleep faster. After using his standing desk and having his workout, “when sleep time arrives, I’m out as soon as my head hits the pillow — and I get uninterrupted rest until my alarm wakes me.”

What Will Your Standing Desk Do For You?

There are plenty of people who are experiencing big differences after they switched to a standing desk. You can read all of his standing desk observations here. And to choose your own standing desk style, check out our Xdesk standing desk models.

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