Xdesk CrossOver standing desk converter

Introducing the Xdesk CrossOver

January 29, 2016

Xdesk is all about style, performance, luxury, and innovation. That’s why we invented the world’s first power standing desk converter. This tabletop standing desk goes on your existing desk, but unlike the others, this hybrid workstation lifts and lowers with the press of a button.

Keep Your Desk. Upgrade Your Lifestyle.


Top Features Of The CrossOver Standing Desk Converter

Power Height Adjustment: All of the Xdesk standing desks are power height adjustable to lift and lower easily with the press of a button. The electric feature is what makes the CrossOver standing desk converter stand apart from the competition. A 24 volt motor lifts the work space up to 21 inches above your existing table height with a smooth start/stop.

Premium Materials: Designed with top-grade bamboo or stylish rubberwood for feel, performance and looks, the CrossOver has superior desktop choices. Available in six different colors, it makes it easier to have your CrossOver desktop standing desk to match your existing desktop color.

Stellar Performance: Being the first electric standing desk converter means that you get maximum performance without settling for a lower-tech design. Other standing desk converters use scissor lifts, hand cranks or hand brakes to make the surface go up or down. The high-tech electric design of the CrossOver lets you lift or lower up to 75 pounds by pressing a button. Plus, the strong steel or aluminium design ensures that you just place it on your desktop surface without worrying about stability.

Convenient Setup: The CrossOver standing desk converter has an IT-friendly install: Place it on the desk and you are done. There is no need to clamp it down or drill it in because it is designed to be self-sufficiently sturdy. The CrossOver desktop standing desk lets you sit and stand without losing your current desk or damaged it with drills or clamps.

Compact Design: We understand that some offices may have desk/cubical setups that are installed and can’t be removed. There are also plenty of spaces that can’t accommodate a full-sized standing desk. That’s when the CrossOver standing desk converter comes in. It is compact enough to fit on most desktops so you keep your current workstation. The CrossOver: Crossing the barrier between compact and feature packed.

Affordability: Even though it is the same high-quality as a Xdesk standing desk, the compact size puts it at an affordable price tag. Starting at $399 with the steel frame, the CrossOver keeps the high standards but has a low price tag.

For all of the reasons and more, the CrossOver standing desk converter is the easiest, most convenient, and most stylish way to upgrade your desk into a standing desk. Check out the CrossOver standing desk converter and see how you can elevate your health, your desktop and your lifestyle.

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