Software that Helps You Get More Out of Standing Desks

May 29, 2015

The purchase of a standing desk is one of the first steps on a path toward a more productive and healthy working environment. With the rise in popularity of standing desks, especially adjustable-height models, it is no surprise that companies are seeking to offer supplementary solutions to help workers and businesses get the most out of their new investments.

Encoding Efficiency for a More Productive Workplace

Efficiency Software is a company focused on improving workplace efficiencies through health, fitness and computer proficiency of users. The tools they develop seek to increase the overall labor performance of individuals and companies as a whole, through better and healthier day-to-day practices and operations.

One of their key products is SitStandCOACH,  a specific type of time-management software that tells users when to change their position from sitting to standing. More new research about the negative effects of sitting is coming out each day it seems. And the benefits of standing are backed by research as well as anecdotal accounts. Standing throughout the day has myriad benefits, including increased productivity and energy, lower levels of stress, more calories burned and even a longer lifespan. SitStandCOACH takes the simple concept of a reminder to stand up or sit down and seamlessly weaves it into a worker’s daily activities.

The premise of SitStandCOACH is simple: the software monitors employee computer use and informs them when a change in position is required. Enabling them to concentrate fully on their work, without the distraction of remembering when to stand, how often and for how long. SitStandCOACH finds the ideal postural position for workers throughout the day, giving workers the benefits of standing, without going overboard. While standing is good for your overall health, it is more taxing than sitting and prolonged periods can lead to discomfort, which can negate many of the productivity benefits. An adjustable-height workstation is the first step towards increased productivity. And software like SitStandCOACH takes some of the work out of getting the most from your new desk and lifestyle choice.

Xdesk Pulse Helps You Get the Most Out of Your Standing Desk

If you or your company aren’t ready for a large-scale integrated solution like SitStandCOACH, Xdesk offers a simple solution to track your sitting and standing progress with real-time, on-screen data, so you can stay informed, motivated and healthy. By adding just a single cable and included software, Xdesk Pulse tracks and conveniently displays your habits, calories and goals. And it even helps remind you when to raise or lower your desk.

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