Nike’s New Ads Help Women Overcome Biggest Critics

May 22, 2015

Nike’s newest campaign for women highlights the internal thought process some women go through at the gym. The campaign, called Better For It, is Nike’s largest initiative targeting women. The message is similar to the usual push of their advertising efforts, i.e., motivating one’s athletic journey, but the message is more empathetic than the iconic and demanding ‘Just Do It.’ A statement from the brand says it’s about “powering [women] to be better through services, product innovation and athlete inspiration, motivating each other to push to the next level.”

While the approach may not appeal to Nike’s hardcore athletes and exercise fanatics, the campaign is meant to help the slightly less motivated masses get over some of the hurdles inherent in getting to the gym. Not to mention getting something worthwhile out of that experience. It’s hard enough actually getting in the front door of your local fitness facility and this campaign shows that isn’t where the difficulty ends. Intimidation can come in many forms; from sculpted fitness goddesses to your own relative lack of strength or endurance. The first commercial of the campaign—“Inner Thoughts” linked below—highlights this internal struggle as several women navigate the ever intimidating landscape of gyms, yoga studios and charity marathons. Not surprisingly, the commercial ends with a statement of empowerment with the women having overcome their individual struggles and realizing they are all the better for it.




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