Maximum PC Xdesk Air standing desk

Why People “Lust” The Xdesk Air

January 13, 2016

Okay, hear me out. At Xdesk, we hear all the time how much our customers and clients love their Xdesk standing desks. And sometimes we hear how much people lust for it. Strong words for sure, and they surprisingly aren’t rare. Just ask Cult of Mac, Mac Life, Maximum PC, and now Maximum PC again. Man, they just can’t seem to get enough of Xdesk.

In the article “Technolust: On the Move,” Jimmy Thang is listing things he would like to upgrade when he moves to his new apartment. The very first thing he mentions, making it number one on his Technolust list, is the Xdesk Air standing desk.

Why The Xdesk Air Standing Desk? 

There are a number a standing desks out there, so what made the Xdesk Air standing desk stand out? Word of mouth.

1. Recently the Xdesk Air was reviewed with a prefect score, by the Editor-in-Chief of Maximum PC, Tuan Nguyen.

2. Thang saw the “Kick Ass seal of approval.”

3. He “couldn’t help but hear Tuan raving about the Xdesk Air.”

4. It was featured on another Technolust article, “Things we really want.”

What Could He Do With The Xdesk Air Standing Desk?

1. Get rid of his ancient, stationary table.

2. “…allow me to deck out my new digs with a beautiful table that is as functional as it is beautiful.”

3. Hide his cables with the vanity option for a clutter free desktop.

4. Stand or sit whenever he likes with the push of a button (without needing to change or move his setup).

5. Spend less time sitting to “live a more healthy lifestyle.”

What Could The Xdesk Air Standing Desk Do For Him?

1. Be dependable, strong, and sturdy (built with high-quality aluminum).

2. Lift or lower to the perfect ergonomic height with the press of a button. Or adjust the height with the optional Desk Control app on your PC.

3. Tell you how many calories you are burning with the optional Xdesk Pulse software.

What Could The Xdesk Air Standing Desk Do For You?

Are you in lust with the Xdesk Air too? See what is drawing everyone in, and design your own Xdesk standing desk that has everything you crave.

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