New App Aims to Boost Your Productivity

March 18, 2015

You ever wish you had more time in the day? A new app called Orri is looking to give you back some of those minutes, as long as you’re willing to pay for them. The app puts virtual assistants at your fingertips for 34 cents per minute. It also provides you a real-time feed of your assistant’s activity, but staring at that might kind of defeat the whole purpose.

The app is developed by New York based startup Fancy Hands, which has a similar business model, except they operate as a fixed-price subscription service. Orri seems to be more positioned to the general public that wouldn’t mind a helping hand every now and then. You can check out the app here, which is currently only available for Android.

Standing – the Low-Tech Approach to Productivity

If you’re not willing to shell out your hard-earned cash to outsource your errands, a standing desk can help boost your productivity. Users have reported feeling more alert and on-task for longer periods of time after standing at work—even deep into the doldrums of the afternoon. And you’re burning more calories while you stand, so you could even save some time at the gym and use it to do some of your own Google searches.

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