How to Create a Home Office Space

November 20, 2013

The home office is increasingly becoming more popular, but many people make the mistake of not creating a comfortable home office space that allows them to work productively to balance work and home life.

For this reason, we’ll show you a few tips on how to create a home office space, so you can tackle that mounting work load with ease, and still have time to start dinner at a decent hour.

Find an Appropriate Area
The first step to design your home office space is finding the perfect area to work. Many at-home workers make the mistake of setting up shop at the dining room table, or worse, that oh-so-comfortable couch. You’ll spend more time than you think in your home office space, so dedicate a complete area for better productivity.

A few things to consider before designing your home office space:
Location: will you only need a corner of the living room, or a spare bedroom to spread out?
Function: does it flow with the rest of your house, and are there plenty of available electrical outlets?
Family: how does the space affect other members of the household, will you need greater privacy to meet with clients?

Find the Appropriate Equipment
After you’ve found the perfect plot, it’s time to plan your budget and invest in the right office equipment. Unsurprisingly, we’re big fans of adjustable height desks. You still get the same benefits from them at home as if you were in an office.

You’ll have the flexibility to sit, stand and move around with the touch of a button. This flexibility lessens the temptations that come with working in a home office space, like walking the dog or doing the laundry.

And the cable management system hides all wires and cords, so you can maintain the aesthetics of your home. More importantly, the customization option allows you to create the perfect desk for your home office space. An L-shape is ideal for at-home workers who need to utilize their home office space for a computer and for writing with pen and paper. And you’ll have plenty of room for a printer, files and organizational tools. If you have a limited work area in your home office space, that problem is quickly solved with the Xdesk Solo, a smaller version to accommodate tight spaces.

Head down to an office supply store to get everything else you need, like filing cabinets, extension cords and desk lamps. Which brings us to the next point – comfort.

Find a Level of Comfort
Your home office space is an area you’re going to spend a large amount of time, so you should create an environment that’s pleasant to be in.

We encourage standing throughout your day for better productivity and to keep the after lunch lethargy at bay, but don’t skimp on a comfortable office chair for those moments when you need to take a seat – an adjustable height desk is all about flexibility, after all.

It’s ideal to purchase an office chair for your home office space, instead of stealing a chair from the kitchen table. This keeps up the “office” feel, and today there are so many different styles of office furniture available, so you’re bound to find one that fits your home décor and your budget.

The right lighting is important for your home office space. It’s ideal to have natural or artificial lighting behind you to illuminate your work area and not cause a glare.

Try a few of these ideas for your home office space and let us know how it works!

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