Xdesk standing desk named one of the "best tech gadgets"

“The Best Tech” Xdesk Standing Desk

March 14, 2016

One thing entrepreneurs know, is a good idea. Another thing they know is how important tech is to increase productivity. That’s why one thing that entrepreneurs love is a list that tells them about must-have tech treats. And on this “best tech” list, you’ll be happy to find the Xdesk standing desk ready to help.

Appfluence recently took a look at the latest technology to help entrepreneurs, and the Xdesk standing desk made the cut.

They explained that entrepreneurs are always looking for a faster, better way to do things. They are even expected to spend over 19 billion dollars by 2018 on wearable tech alone. They recognize the importance of saving time, and they are willing to spend the money if the investment is smart enough. Enter the Xdesk.

In the same list are fantastic tech achievements like a smart wallet, a “smart lock,” a pocket printer, and a smart pen. With so many high-tech achievements, it was a proud moment to see the Xdesk standing desk holding its own. The only standing desk, and desk for that matter, on the list is the Xdesk adjustable-height desk. It surpassed the standing desk competition for being a “sensible buy for entrepreneurs who work on various kinds of projects.”

They stressed that the Xdesk standing desk is great because of its ergonomic benefits as well as serving as an, “all purpose work space.” By alternating between sitting a standing, you can achieve boosts in your energy, productivity, creativity, and even your health. Any entrepreneur will tell you that to enjoy all of those benefits all while doing your work (essentially multitasking) is no brainer.

You can read the entire list here, and you can check out all of the beautiful Xdesk standing desk designs here. With thousands upon thousands of different standing desk configurations, you are sure to find the right style for your entrepreneurial office.

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