Banish Back Pain with these 5 Great Products

February 18, 2013

These products will relieve lower back pain along with your Xdesk adjustable desk.

By now you know all about how the adjustable height desk can make you healthier, more productive, improve your posture, and eliminate back pain (and if you didn’t, now you do). But I hate to sound like a broken record here—yes we know the adjustable height desk is great. But what are some other products on the market for those with back problems, sore shoulders, or even poor posture?

Fo today’s post I’ve done a bit of digging and come up with a list of the top products on the market for just that. If you have a problem back, pain in your shoulders, or even just find yourself slouching, this list is for you: 

1) Xdesk Adjustable Height Desk. Well of course I had to include the adjustable height desk—the list wouldn’t be complete without it! Move from sitting to standing easily and smoothly, improving your posture, energy, and overall health. But surely we already know enough about Xdesk by now … let’s move on to something smaller.

2) Neck and Shoulder Massager. This gem is the perfect addition to an adjustable height desk—get a shoulder massage while you’re standing up at your desk! It’s great for those who were introduced to the adjustable height desk just a moment too late and have developed tight shoulders from typing (like me several months ago). With this little guy you can stop paying so much for professional massages, and you can take this “masseuse” wherever you go. Now that’s service.

3) TravelLite Back Rest. This is great for when you do have to sit down, especially if you have lower back pain or plain old bad posture. The lightweight back rest is perfect for cars, planes, or even your office chair. But there is an even better solution for the chair in your office…

4) Exerflex Ball. Stick one of these Exerflex balls behind your adjustable height desk, so when you do sit down in between standing sessions, your muscles are still engaged. Studies show that when you engage your muscles and move around, you’re automatically burning more calories—even when you’re sitting.

With an Exerflex ball, you are constantly engaging your core, strengthening the muscles near your spine to improve posture, and you have the freedom to roll and bounce around, which expends energy and burns calories.

5) Teeter Hangups. You may have seen this one on T.V. (when you’re standing up watching it—not sitting around on the couch, of course…). This product may take up a lot of space, but if you have a bad back, there is nothing like it to streeeeetttttch you out. Again, if you got your adjustable height desk a moment too late to prevent your spine from crunching up from so much sitting, the Teeter is your new best friend. Just insert your feet, lean back, and let gravity do its work.

If you already have an adjustable height desk to help with posture and improve future pain, you might consider getting some of these other products for the pain you already have.


Do you have any of these products? What do you think?

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