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Xdesk CrossOver Vs. Cardboard

February 5, 2016

In a recent article from Cool Hunting, they paired the new Xdesk CrossOver standing desk converter with a motor to a new flat-packed, cardboard design. While both are designed for health and wellness benefits, they are two very different options.

How The Xdesk CrossOver Is Similar

Easy To Set Up: They both go directly on top of an existing desk. This IT-friendly setup doesn’t require any clamps or drilling into the desk.

Two Different Heights: They both have a space for your keyboard. On the CrossOver Pro edition, there is a separate space to rest your keyboard. Some people prefer this design for wrist comfort and proper ergonomics.

Different Color Options: They both come in different color choices. With the Xdesk you can choose different materials for the desktop like bamboo or rubberwood, and you can choose different colored shades ranging from light to dark. You can even choose different colors for the metal so it matches your existing desk better.


How The Xdesk CrossOver Is Different

It Holds More: Unsurprisingly, the steel  or aluminum frame is able to support up to 100 pounds (much more than the cardboard design). That means you can hold up more, even more monitors. Unlike the competition, the CrossOver standing desk converter can handle a monitor arm attachment for multiple screen support.

It’s Built To Last:

“…a bigger, more long-term furniture investment”

As we said, the materials and gear in the Xdesk CrossOver standing desk converter are built to last. Comparing the motor, desktop finish, and materials to cardboard is not a fair comparison. Cool Hunting mentions that with the cardboard design you’ll need to be careful around cups of hot coffee (it is cardboard after all) and that “the idea of moving an iMac on and off a cardboard tower is a little unsettling.”

It’s Powered: With the press of a button, you can find the exact right height that you are looking for. That makes the CrossOver standing desk converter more accessible and  ergonomically correct for more people. The cardboard setup has one height option for the screen and the keyboard, and if that isn’t ergonomically correct, then there isn’t much you can do about it. But with the Xdesk CrossOver, it glides and stops at just the right height down to 10 different increments per inch.

Honestly, the cardboard design could be a great transition product into the world of standing desks. But when you are ready to make a commitment to your health, the CrossOver will be ready.

To read their full write up, click here. To preorder your own Xdesk CrossOver standing desk converter, click here.

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