Digital Trends Xdesk Terra standing desk review

Review: “The Finest Standing Desk”

March 8, 2016

Digital Trends recently took a look and reviewed the Xdesk Terra standing desk. Compared to their other standing desk reviews, the Xdesk Terra not only got an award that the rest didn’t, but it also walked away with their highest standing desk scores and some amazing praise quotes.

 How You Might Know Digital Trends

It’s the online source for tech news, and it’s the latest guide to gadgets that make an impact on the way we live. So it’s no wonder that they were drawn to the Xdesk Terra standing desk.

How Did The Standing Desk Competitors Stack Up?

This review is especially helpful because not only did they review the Xdesk Terra standing desk, but they have also previously reviewed it’s standing desk competitors (in their own separate reviews). And who came out on top? The Xdesk Terra standing desk had the highest scores out of all of the other standing desks they reviewed including the Rebel Up 2000, UPLIFT, and Jarvis. Their rating ranged from  6 -8 out of 10 and 3 -4 stars out of 5. Both stats were eclipsed by the Xdesk Terra standing desk review which topped the standing desk charts at 9 out of 10 and 4.5 stars out of 5.

If you want to know the difference in the numbers, Digital Trends gets in depth about their standing desk rating system.

4.5 stars means the standing desk is “amazing.”

“Outstanding in every way, has no major drawbacks, and is at the top of its category.”

They also handed the Xdesk Terra standing desk an award that none of the other standing desks received. While some of them got the “Recommended Product” sticker, which they described as “…not our absolute favorites…” none but the Xdesk standing desk got the Editor’s Choice seal of approval reserved for “the best of the best.”

“These are the standouts, and made a mark on our reviewers and editors.”

This award isn’t just a fluff sticker. This means a lot and it is in high demand, but only one standing desk has the honors: Xdesk Terra standing desk.

If you want to settle, there are plenty of standing desks to choose from, but if you want “the best of the best,” rest assured that “Xdesk’s Terra is the finest standing desk available today.”

Honestly there are too many great quotes from the Digital Trends article, that to fit all of the praise in this blog post we would need to copy+paste so much that you might as well read their Xdesk Terra standing desk review.

As a teaser, they pointed out that the “fastest rising desk on the market” is also their “favorite high-tech desk.”

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