A Real-Life Review from a New Standing Desk User

July 10, 2015

We are obviously huge fans and proponents of standing and adjustable-height desks. And while we think that the benefits far outweigh any potential issues, we aren’t blind to them. That’s why we enjoyed Inc. Senior Writer Ilan Mochari’s frank assessment of working at a standing desk. Check out his article, originally published in Inc., where he lists seven things you might want to know before switching to a standing desk.

Like we said, the article is fantastic so please check it out. We know that making the change to a standing desk is a life adjustment. To help you make the best decision possible, it only makes sense to get plenty of opinions. As a summary, he lists a few of the things to expect when you transition to a standing desk. Here are just a handful of his notes for a shopper to consider:

  1. His shoulders felt better: Whether it was connected to his standing desk usage or not, Mr. Mochari noticed “the act of typing and general laptop-usage [was] easier on my shoulders.” It’s all about the posture and if you are taking standing breaks your body can quit slouching and start stretching.
  2. You can sit: Just because you have a standing desk doesn’t mean you have to stand all of the time. “You can be gradual about this.” Easing into the stand desk lifestyle, with so many breaks an hour or a day, can be your preference. And with a Xdesk, going from standing to sitting is as easy as pressing a button. With other standing desks that aren’t powered, you can be stuck standing all day, but with a Xdesk power adjustable desk you can stand, sit, and adapt.
  3. He slept better: From standing at work instead of sitting, “I found myself easily able to turn in at 9 p.m. Suddenly, I was waking up earlier, too, and becoming more productive.” Standing can be a workout and when you head home after a long day of standing, you earned your good-night’s sleep.

Again, there were plenty of other experiences, so click the link to read the full article. When you are considering making an office switch to a power height adjustable desk, do the research, check out our blog, read the reviews and get ready for a great life change.


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