7 Ways to Improve Your Work Health

December 10, 2014

Sitting all day at work is about as detrimental to your health as smoking cigarettes. It can increase the risk for obesity, diabetes, cancer and heart disease. Therefore, if there is any way to get out of your seat and get moving at work you need to make it happen, for your health… and your appearance. Here are some great tips for being more active at work!

1. Change Up Your Workstation

You can simply set your day up in such a way that you can move from place to place. This may be easier for those of you who work in management, or who have multiple meetings per day. If you are able to, schedule a variety of tasks into groupings so that you can do them in different places. For example, if you have 9 tasks for the day, you might start with the first 3 at your office, then meet with coworkers at a coffeehouse for a brainstorming session, then come back to the office and spend time in the conference room working on a presentation.

2. Take a Break Every 20-30 minutes

Creating a day that is not sedentary is as simple as a little planning. However, if you are not able to do this, then try and stand every 20 minutes to 30 minutes. Set a timer and get up and stand for at least 5 minutes every time that it goes off. You can do this along with moving from workstation to workstation for a maximum effect.

3. Try a Standing Desk

It has become so commonplace to sit at a desk all day that we often don’t even notice how much time we spend sitting. This is bad for our posture, our health, our creativity and our focus. Standing at your desk can help decrease risks associated with a sedentary life. You will likely lose weight, sleep better and feel a general sense of better health. Standing desks are ergonomically designed for your health and wellness to keep you moving, alert and feeling energized. Sitting at a desk has the exact opposite effect in almost every way. v

4. Try an Active Chair

If you must sit in a chair, try an active chair. It is a chair that encourages great posture and constant movement. For example, you can buy a wobble stool or balance ball chair. This way, you can sit comfortably but are forced to keep your balance and engage your core. This is good for spinal health and may flatten your tummy.

5. Use the Stairs

You have probably heard this one before BUT have you actually tried it? If you try it and stick to it every day, this small change can make a difference. Walking up stairs is good exercise, an energy booster and a chance to stretch your legs. It’s simple, easy and requires NOTHING from you except a commitment.

6. Park Your Car Farther

Don’t even check the first row of the parking lot! Try parking as far back as possible. Then, each morning and each evening you will force yourself to get a small workout. You will start and end your day on a good, healthy note and feel more motivated and chipper on your way in to work. Get the blood flowing!

7. Walk Somewhere for Lunch

Instead of having lunch delivered or going and picking it up in your car, try walking to lunch. You can ask a few co-workers to walk with you and it will feel like a fun outing rather than a work break. Either way, you will revving your metabolism before your meal. Then, when you are done, you will have a nice way to walk off your meal.
Try these 7 ways to get out of your chair more often at work and track the way it affects how you feel. You will likely be surprised by the difference in your level of energy, work performance, well being and alertness.

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