Xdesk Flex

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Early in our research, we learned there are three key factors that are most important when selecting a standing mat: comfort, support, and durability. Not only did our standing mat have to be soft and cushy, it needed to provide outstanding support to encourage standing over sitting. And, of course, it needed to last.


Freedom Plus Battery

Xdesk Flex Specifications


  • Best in class lifting speed: 1.7 inches per second
  • 54% faster speed adjustments than Chinese manufactured desks
  • Super wide height range: from 23 inches to 49 inches
  • 110 lb conservative rated lifting capacity
  • Ultra quiet: 40 decibels during transitions (normal conversation is 60 - 70db, a telephone dial tone is 80 db)
  • No mechanical relays, no clicking sounds made by relays when the button is pressed
  • Auto-Protect – the entire system protects itself against overload by cutting itself off
  • EcoSleep: during standby, power consumption is almost zero watts


  • 24 inches deep, 30 inches wide
  • Available in two shapes: standard (rectangular), and convex (rounded)